Gravy Separator - Large 1000ml

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Large Gravy Separator, holds approximately 4 cups (Capacity 1 litre). Separates the fat from gravy, soup, stock and sauces, giving you a more pleasing as well as healthier, lower fat result. Easy to pour with a dripless spout. Easy to clean, just wash with hot soapy water or in the top rack of your dishwasher. To use, pour slightly cooled cooking juices into the jug and wait for the fat to rise to the top. You will see this as a clearer layer floating on top of the cooking juices. When you tip the jug to pour, pour it slowly and the fat-free liquid will pour out of the spout from beneath the fat, until only the fat remains in the jug and spout.


Made from clear acrylic.

Heat resistant to 100c.

Capacity: 1000ml

Dimensions: 12.5cm x 12cm