Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot 10½ Inch Plate

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This Polka Dot 10½ inch Plate is perfect for lunch and dinner gathered around the table with friends, each eating from a Polka Dot Plate. A Polka Dot plate is also a great way to serve cakes and biscuits when guests appear or evening cheese and crackers after dinner! All Polka Dot plates are hand sponged with a border of bright Polka Dots, making every house feel like home!


Height: 3.2cm

Diameter: 27.0cm

Care Instructions: Dishwasher & microwave safe. Lower temperature wash and liquid detergent recommended to maintain appearance. Even microwave safe pottery can sometimes get hot in the microwave. Our pottery is not oven safe unless marked as cookware.

Made From 100% English Earthenware

Made In United Kingdom

Shape: Ten and a Half Inch Plate