Age Verification

Why do you use age checking?

We use age checking to ensure we do not sell age restricted items to anyone under the age of 18, as we are required to do by UK Law.

Further Information

We use to carry out all our age checks.

In the event we, The Lighthouse Cookshop Ltd, deem it necessary to carry out an age check, for instance on any person's order containing or consisting of any age restricted product(s).

In the event an age check is carried out, for the reasons outlined above, uses your personal data (data supplied by you during our checkout stage) to verify your age-range in order to ensure that you may legally purchase the age restricted item(s) you intend to.

Your personal data will be processed by AgeChecked Ltd. [Read their Privacy Statement here]
Your personal data will not be retained by AgeChecked Ltd (
You may be contacted by AgeChecked Ltd at the time of the age check to inform you about their practices, security and the result of your age check.

If you are found not to be over 18 years of age, then we will refund any age restricted item(s), you attempted to purchase and proceed in fulfilling any remaining unrestricted items on your order.
We will keep you informed if this should happen.

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