• Lemon & Vanilla Miniature Pancakes

    Lemon & Vanilla Miniature Pancakes
    Scrumptious miniature pancakes, a perfect breakfast treat for the family. Gently drizzled with maple syrup and plenty of blueberries & maybe a strawberry too, it makes a brilliant alternative for PANCAKE DAY! Or any other day really.
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  • Chocolate & Vanilla Marbled Loaf

    Chocolate & Vanilla Marbled Loaf
    One of our all time baking favourites is a marbled chocolate & vanilla loaf. A lovely fluffy flavour box, encased in a crispy crust & always with a blueberry or three to perfectly seal the slice!
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  • Cherry Oat Biscuits

    Cherry Oat Biscuits
    A crusted case of aerated happiness. A simple little number with a cherry on top. Perfect for any lunch box or office snack & a great recipe to do with kids!
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