Emile Henry Square Oven Dish Provence Yellow 28cm x 24cm

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Emile Henry Square Oven Dish Provence Yellow
L28cm | W 24cm | 1.8L

Gratins, tians, moussaka, roasted or stuffed vegetables you can use this square dish for practically anything. Made from HR (High Resistance) ceramic, it diffuses the heat evenly to bring out the most subtle flavours of your ingredients. Resistant and sturdy, it can also be used under the grill or for reheating or defrosting in the microwave, and keeps the food hot for longer on the table. The generous and elegant shape of this square dish conveys a mixture of tradition and modernity, the presentation will be perfect whether serving a traditional potato gratin or refined roulades. Made in France, it is guaranteed for 10 years. A wide range of ovenware made from HR Ceramic (High Resistance), for use in the oven up to 270C (520F).