Global Minosharp Ceramic Water Sharpener

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Minosharp's SH-220/GB Grey and Black pull through sharpeners is a great product that allows you to get a sharp edge on the knife like a whetstone without the skill or hard work that is require to use a whetstone. You will find varying wheels with different grits from rough to fine. You will normally start with a rough grit at about 400 and then move to a 1000 medium grit but if you take care of your knife, then 1000 would be enough. The wheels are easy to replace and can last for many years. This sharpener works in the same way as a whetstone and also requires water but on a much smaller scale with the same benefits.


Ceramic Water Sharpener

Grey Black Model

For Use with Japanese Knives Only

Recommended for Global Knives

Easy to Use

Full Instructions Included

Made in Japan