MasterClass Stainless Steel Carry Tongs

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Heat resistant grips on these MasterClass carry tongs grip onto the edges of cookware to safely lift and carry hot items from ovens, microwaves, steamers or bain-maries with ease. The grips mould to the shape of pans and plates for a safe and strong grip on a variety of cookware. 

Unlike bulky oven gloves, the narrow ends of the tongs allow tricky to grip items such as shallow baking tins or cookware with shallow rims to be safely lifted and carried without touching the contents.

Made from high quality durable stainless steel the robust construction and sturdy handle means the tongs are capable of carrying even full dishes such as lasagne, casseroles and stews.


Robust stainless steel

Grips mould to the shape of pans

Suitable for use on most cookware and bakeware

Dishwasher safe

5 year guarantee